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Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

APA Psychology Dissertations and Articles

Your knowledge of APA format and editing expertise is a great help to the people I refer to you. Above all, I appreciate your cultural sensitivity in working with psychology graduate students of diverse racial, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.
—Yvette Flores, Ph.D.
                                        Psychologist and university professor

Vitalee understands how writing can stir up insecurities and make even the most confident writer anxious. Adept at making the writing process less agonizing, Vitalee does everything possible to make her clients feel comfortable—from empowering them to tap into their writing strengths to offering them a cup of tea.
                                    —Terry Day, Ph.D.

I found Ms. Giammalvo's editing beneficial to the completion of my psychology dissertation. She was able to smooth out the rough areas and make the dissertation flow.
                                    —Yvette Gardiner, Psy.D.
                                       Clinical psychologist
                                       Graduate of Alliant University/California School     
                                       of Professional Psychology

Vitalee is a conscientious editor. She really understands what I am intending to say and is sensitive about how much to revise.
                                      —Dr. Diaz

Generosity is a sign of a great soul. You’re surely one. Thanks for all you’ve done for me.
                                      —Bernadette T.

I was in need of help with about 60 pages of references for my dissertation. All the software programs I had used had crashed at some point so I was working on the references manually. Vitalee provided timely and helpful feedback that helped me understand APA guidelines without having to read the whole manual, and I was able to correct and clean up my references before my deadline. I'm very grateful to Vitalee for her meticulous, efficient, and conscientious approach. She really knows what she is doing and she really cares!
                                      —Marilyn Cornelius, PhD

Research Papers

You are so gifted in the work that you do. I have gotten an A on my last two papers.
                                      —L. R.



With top-notch expertise in both the English and Spanish languages, Vitalee breathed life into the manuscript of our book, Speaking Spanish Like a Native. Both coauthor Erika Dominguez and I walked away with two things: a much deeper understanding of both languages and a best-selling Spanish-language reference book.
                                     —Brad Kim and Erika Dominguez

I commend you for your excellent copyediting of Pacific Gateway: An Illustrated History of the Port of Oakland. As a professional writer, I strive to create clear, accessible prose. Your meticulous attention to detail and fine grasp of the rules of grammar and usage helped me to achieve that goal in Pacific Gateway.
                                      —Woodruff Minor

Vitalee straightened out the references in my 150-page book manuscript on the hazards of smoking. Now the book is in the correct AMA style. She also found a lot of typos, which I had not had the time to fix. Undoubtedly, the book is more marketable now.
                                      —Dr. Weber


Graduate School Admissions Essays: Business and Other Fields

Vitalee not only did an excellent job on editing my MBA admissions essays, but she also provided valuable advice on organization and writing strategies. Her editing of my personal statements undoubtedly helped me gain admission to the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.
                                      —John Chang

Great job! You are an amazing writer. You know how to make the words sing.
                                      —Edward Poulson
                                         Lieutenant of police

Personal Statements

I just wanted to let you know that I was recently admitted to UC Berkeley’s law school! I really appreciate all the support and advice you provided during my application process. I am lucky to have come across your website and to have solicited your quality service. Thanks.
                                      —Kevin Franco



When I needed an editor to proof a business marketing plan, I engaged Vitalee Giammalvo and two other proofreaders, whom Vitalee bested, hands-down. She didn't just make my prose look pretty; she worked behind the scenes to improve its structure and flow; she questioned the meaning and usage of key words; she proposed wholesale changes that would convey my ideas more concisely and clearly. In sum: Vitalee is a copyediting authority who possesses an intelligent, savvy, and independent voice, and she enjoys and excels at lending her clients an ear.
                                      —Ben Glass, Director

When I first met Vitalee, I was enrolled in the University of San Francisco, College of Professional Studies. I was a returning student, at 50 years old. I had so much anxiety and fear in me that I couldn't write a complete sentence. Vitalee not only taught me how to write and edit my work, but she instilled in me the confidence to go on to higher education and earn my Doctor in Education Degree, Leadership Management, with a specialization in Not-for-Profit Organization. Thank you Vitalee for all that you do.
                                      —Dr. La'Schavio Fuller


The resume looks great! I have always wondered why I don’t get certain jobs. Well, now I know why—my resume was horrible and I was not selling myself properly. From now on, I am going to start aggressively looking for other positions.
                                      —L. R.

Thank you for doing this resume job so quickly and perfectly.
                                      —Marianela Stanek


Literary Writing

Your creative eulogy truly captured my grandmother's sweet and endearing spirit. It was as if you had known her for a lifetime.
                                      —Catarina Valdez
                                         Esthetician & business professional


Vitalee Giammalvo contributed significantly to the quality of this work with her incisive, vigilant editing. I specifically want to acknowledge that she is not responsible for my colloquialisms which I’m afraid occasionally offended her dissertational standards. (For example, the phrase “There are fish in them waters” would not be her way of putting it.)
                                      —Carl Feldbaum


Vitalee is a competent editor of a work of fiction and contributes in four major ways: ensuring that the highest grammatical and literary standards are met; suggesting alternatives for improved clarity; identifying inconsistencies and omissions; and finally, from a reader’s perspective, offering insights about the characters and the plot that the author may not have considered. In each of these aspects—and, in particular, the last one—Vitalee has enriched my work beyond expectations.

Scientific and Technical Dissertations and Articles  

I have to say that I am really impressed by Vitalee's work! Not only did she find all my errors in grammar and punctuation, but she also found problems in logic.  The technical nature of my dissertation did not seem to limit her.  By making helpful editorial comments, Vitalee transformed my paper into high-quality writing, thus saving me embarrassment in front of my committee.
                                    —Flavio Baita, Ph.D.
                                       Software developer, SAP Germany
                                       Former visiting scholar, U.C. Berkeley

As my teacher and writing coach, Vitalee has taught me to write a strong query letter to scientific journals and to edit the highly specialized articles that I coauthor.
                                    —Laura Cancedda, Ph.D.
                                       Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
                                       University of California, Berkeley

Ms. Giammalvo did an excellent job on my Ph.D. dissertation, [which was] a study . . .  of a . . . pharmacokinetic model for an anticonvulsant drug in patients with impaired liver function. Because of her knowledge and professional ability in editing, a committee member informed me that my dissertation was very well written.
                                    —Tina Hui, Ph.D.
                                       Pharmaceutical scientist

Punctuation & Grammar Seminar  

In order to refine my writing and editing skills, I took Vitalee’s punctuation and grammar seminar and found it very instructive. I relearned numerous grammar and punctuation rules, which I had long forgotten, and received personalized guidance on how to continue to improve my writing and editing beyond the seminar.
                                    —Patty Hsu

Fragments, run-ons, and hyphens—all of these used to perplex me. I learned a lot of grammar fundamentals in your class; my manager has already commented on the difference she has seen. Thank you!
                                      —C. Fernandez